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Fast Day

On a fast (day) one should focus on speed – how fast is the world running past me and how fast am I running to accomplish my goal in life.

In quantum mechanics if you focus on speed you lose sight of position. God asked Adam “where are you?” He didn’t know, more about for he was falling.

While moving fast towards one’s goal one also loses sight of one’s position. So long as one’s goal is ahead of him he is presently nowhere.

In Hebrew, prescription “fast” (???) means “quiet” (??). Noise slows you down, viagra sale it creates friction, disturbance. “Say little and (thereby) do much.”

God created the world with 10 sayings. Had He done it with only 1, by minimalizing the saying He would have increased the doing, but no…

The faster one moves, the more liable he is to error. Keep on the move, don’t be afraid of making a mistake. The greatest men made mistakes.

Mistakes can be corrected. But even after correcting your mistake, don’t forget it, remember it, it might be the best thing you ever did.

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