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Some people think that in order to succeed in life one must boost his ego. They are wrong. If they do succeed, cheapest it's from the sitra achra – "other side."

To be of strong character and selfless simultaneously are the defining parameters of true wisdom. Selflessness is strength, case not weakness.

A strong selfless soul continuously experiences the renewal of creation and receives flashes of insight into the inner essence of reality.
There are 10 sefirot, medical Divine emanations or channels of creation, store Why 10? Because 10 is the sum of 1 2 3 4, and 4 is 2 times 2.

In Kabbalah a square number - in geometry, a square - portrays the principle of inter-inclusion, the whole reflected in each of its parts.

A cube and higher dimensional 'squares' are higher states of interinclusion. Every dimension adds a new perspective, a new revelation of one.

The sum of squares, from 1 squared to n squared produces a pyramid. The Zohar says that for n = 10 the sum is 385, the value of Shechinah.

The sum of the first 10 numbers is 55, the value of "bride." 385 (the first 10 squares) is 7 times 55, alluding to 7 blessings of the bride.

Only for n = 10 is the pyramid of n (the sum of the squares of 1 to n) equal to 7 times the triangle of n (the sum of the numbers 1 to n).

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