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The present can be seen as the end of the past or as the beginning of the future. Are we on the threshold of the future or already there?

The House of Hillel sees the present as the end of the past. The House of Shamai sees the present as the beginning of the future.

The coming of Mashiach depends upon our ability to see reality through the eyes of the House of Shamai, store that the future is already here.

For the House of Shamai potential is actual. Time is in our hands, illness not the other way around.

The General Theory of Relativity is a switch in the psyche to begin seeing reality through the eyes of the House of Shamai.

The letters of Hashmona’ee (the heroes of Chanukah) permute to spell Mashiach now! It takes courage to bring the future into the present.

Present (16, 4 squared) and future (484, 22 squared) = 500 = “Be fruitful and multiply,” the first, all-inclusive commandment of the Torah.

Man is past, woman is future, God, the third partner in marriage, is the present moment. For Hillel He is more male, for Shamai more female.

A great sage asked his young daughter which of my two best students do you want to marry. She said, both! One jumped and said, me second!

The girl saw ahead more than the average man is capable of. After her first husband died she married the second of her father’s students.

The one that jumped and said “me second” was Rava, arguably the greatest of the sages of the Talmud.

The daughter of the Ba’al Shem Tov, Odel, was known to have been a prophetess.

The right brain intuits, the left brain analyzes. The right controls the body’s left (woman) and the left controls the body’s right (man).
Chanukah is the holiday of victory and thanksgiving. The few were victorious over the many and thanked the Almighty many many times over.

The more you give thanks, look the more you receive and the more you become. To be or not to be is to give thanks or not to give thanks.

Thanksgiving is one meaning of hod, the 8th sefirah (like the 8 days of Chanukah). The others are splendor, acknowledgment, and confession.

If we acknowledge God then God acknowledges us. If we confess our bad then God “confesses” our good, and we become a splendorous reality.

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