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Chemistry Lesson

The 4 elements of the ancients, information pills fire-air-water-earth, visit correspond to the 4 modern elements, carbon-oxygen-hydrogen-nitrogen, respectively.

The element of earth is the power of growth in the earth, primarily nitrogen. Our atmosphere is a mixture, 3 parts earth to 1 part air.

Coals are carbon – fire. Diamonds are concentrated carbon – fire. Most important: All organic compounds contain carbon, the fire of life.

In ascending numerical order, the atomic numbers of hydrogen-carbon-nitrogen-oxygen are 1-6-7-8 = 22, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

The triangles of 1-6-7-8 = 86 = Elokim, the Name of creation. The squares of 1-6-7 = 86 and of 8 = 64, law, din, the attribute of Elokim.

1 6 7 8 (the atomic numbers of H C N O) begins an amazing cubic series (of base 4 – elements!). The next number of the series is 13, Al.

Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the earth’s crust, and for industrial purposes is next only to iron, 26, following 13 in the series!

13 = one, 26 = Havayah, the Tetragrammaton (4 letter Name). Thus the series of the 4 elements continues “Havayah is one”!

After 26 comes 51 (midpoint: 26), antimony, used for fireproofing. Then comes 92, uranium, the last of the natural elements!

13 26 51 92 (the 4 numbers in the series following 1 6 7 8) = 182 = 7 (N) times 26 (Fe), two “earth” (kingdom) elements. 182 = Jacob.

The atomic weight of uranuim (the heaviest natural element) is 238, two numbers after 92 in the series! 238 = Rachel, Jacob’s wife!

After 238 comes 351, the triangle of 26; then 496 (kingdom, 2 times 248, Abraham), the triangle of 31 (God’s Name El) and 4th perfect number

After 496 comes 677, the 13th number in the series, 26 squared plus 1, one of the most important numbers in the story of creation.

677 = light, water, firmament, the three stage creative process, corresponding, in the birth process, to seminal essence, seed, and fetus.

153, the number between 92 (U) and 238 (weight of U), the triangle of 17 (the reduced value of Havayah) is 3 times 51, the number before 92.

The first 8 (O) numbers of the series, from 1 to 92 (from first natural element to last) = 204 = 4 times 51(= 51 and 153). 204 = tzadik.

One Response to “Chemistry Lesson”

  1. Theron Gilliland, Jr. says:

    I was just thinking about this myself, but without the numerology. To me, this makes more sense:

    Fire = Oxygen, because oxygen is necessary for fire = fuel + oxygen + heat
    Earth = Carbon, because pure carbon (ash, *after* organic materials are fully burned and the “air” and “fire” is released) is about as earthy as you can get
    Air = Nitrogen, because Air is 80% Nitrogen
    Water = Hydrogen, because hydrogen was originally generated from passing a current through water; hence, hydro + gen(erated).

    Together, hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen make up about 97% of living things, with some other things additional, like phosphorus, sulfur, potassium, sodium, chloride, and trace elements.