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The two kidneys embody active and passive trust in God, discount taking initiative and relying solely on God.

More generally, the endocrine and immune systems correspond to the active and passive trust in God.

The psychological drive for self-fulfillment is embodied in the organ of procreation, the covenant.

In Kabbalah, sex and six are related - sex corresponds to the sixth emotive attribute of the soul.

The sixth emotive attribute of the soul is called foundation. Its inner experience is realization.

Physically, a male is an extrovert and a female an introvert. But spiritually, they inter-include.

Feminine energy is referred to as kingdom. It rules reality. It transforms infinity to finitude.

Male energy channels infinite light to the place where it can be transformed into finite radiance.

The difference between male and female, 227 and 157, is 70. The linear series begins from 17, good.

The male-female series (17 plus 70's) reaches 2187 = 3 to the 7th, male mind, 3, to female heart, 7.
Of the Bible's 24 books Psalms is the 14th. David wrote Psalms. David = 14. In Psalms he lives on.

David lived 70 years. 70 = 5, for sale the reduction of 14, viagra times 14. 14 = hand, approved 5 fingers and 14 joints.

David is God's hand, to fight His wars, to write His praises, to judge and provide for His people.

A King David exercise: close and open your hand - a fist to fight enemies, an open hand to give.

There are 150 Psalms. They subdue the negativity of anger in the soul. Anger = 150 = subdual.

"King David is forever alive." He is the heart of the Jewish people, who are the heart of mankind.

King David is "the candle of Israel." Every soul is "a candle of God" and every mitzvah is a candle.
Consummate joy extends to the feet which jump up in dance. Hold on to and be held by the Torah.

The head can't go anywhere without feet. The skull, ed 466, splits to become two feet (foot = 233).

Dancing feet will take the head to a "place of understanding." If you don't understand - dance!

If you do (think that you) understand - dance as well, in thanksgiving. David danced with the Torah.

The two letters of the word "candle" are the initials of song and dance. A candle sings and dances.

In English, the initials of song and dance may be sad. in Hebrew they are happy - light is happy.

But the union of song and dance may allude to sod, which in Hebrew means secret. "The secret of God is to those that fear Him" = happiness.

In Hebrew, to dance also means to sift. Dancing sifts fact from fable, clarifies the truth.

In Hebrew, the root "dance" is short for "only David." King David is the consummate dancer in joy.

"Dance" is also short for "head-skull." In dance, the sages and great chassidim would somersault.

Figuratively, to somersault implies a complete reversal of opinions or sympathies. Don't be afraid.

If you somersault with your hat on it will squash. Don't worry, you can always buy a new one.

Hats are to protect your head. In war (or football) you need a helmet. In peace you can take it off.

When you take off your hat make sure a head covering remains, to remind you that God is above you.

My soul is God's light. My body - His will. My clothing - His deeds. My home - His pleasure.

Some people hate hats. Perhaps because they think in English. Hats cats bats and rats all rhyme.

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