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The 4th quantum number, what is ed spin, ask is essentially non-local, and that’s where entanglement takes place.

You’re either spin-up or spin-down, dance up or dance down, shake your lulav up or shake it down.

Torah dance therapy is the mitzvah of shaking the lulav on Sukot. Great tzadikim would dance all around the room while shaking the lulav.

Invigorated dance with the lulav = 949 = 13 times 73 (love times wisdom) = the love of Israel.

“Lulav” = 68 = “life.” Life is defined as motion. “The lulav” = 73 = “wisdom.” Wisdom gives life.

A lulav is a palm frond. Palm tree dancing is known in many cultures. In Kabbalah, the date palm tree is the king of the trees.

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