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People with guts get things done. Without guts you’re better off sleeping.

Your guts are in your lower abdomen. That’s the place to begin serving God.

Maimonides says that to serve God properly one must be healthy. And it all begins from the stomach, more about proper eating habits.

Every month has its “talent.” The talent of the month of Shevat is proper eating.

Even before eating healthy foods comes don’t overindulge in food. Eat the minimum that your body requires, generic and don’t forget to exercise.

The root “to eat” in Hebrew (alef, kaf, lamed) reads “one is all.” Try to keep this in mind while you’re eating.

If one thinks holy thoughts while eating, the food goes straight to the soul, to sustain and strengthen it, even before it goes to the body.
The Torah calls the Jewish People upon leaving Egypt “the army of God.” To leave exile we must become an army, cialis sale with a commander-in-chief.

The commander-in-chief is Moses, sildenafil the Moses of every generation. He works miracles, redeems us, and gives us the Torah.

According to the submission-separation-sweetening process of Chassidut, miracles subdue our ego, redemption separates us, Torah sweetens us.

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