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“Order of Times”

The sages teach that the evil inclination has seven names. The first name was given by God: “evil, cialis 40mg ” implying a force that takes you “down.”

The second name of the evil inclination was given by Moses: “uncircumcised,” implying a concealing shield over the inner point of the heart.

King David gave the evil inclination its third name: “impure.” A pure heart is a happy heart. Impurity implies contact with death, sadness.

King Solomon gave the evil inclination its fourth name: “hater.” Your evil inclination hates you, and it makes you hate others.

Isaiah gave the evil inclination its fifth name: “obstacle.” Your evil inclination gets in your way and you’re likely to trip over it.

Ezekiel gave the evil inclination its sixth name: “stone.” The flesh of your heart, your sensitivity and feeling, turns into stone.

Joel gave the evil inclination its seventh name: “subconscious,” the evil that can be uprooted only by God, for you are unaware of it.
Many scientists today are asking “what happened before the big bang?” In Kabbalah we learn that before real time there was “order of times.”

The impression of order remains after the creation of real time (the big bang). This solves the low entropy problem of modern cosmology.

The “order of times” preceded the primordial darkness of the period after the big bang before the appearance of light.

“Order of times” = 411 = “chaos” (tohu) = “ex nihilo.” The “chaos” of the beginning of creation ex nihilo possesses intrinsic order.

“Order of times preceded darkness” (= “chaos preceded darkness”) = “In the beginning, salve ” the first word of the Torah, the creation of time.

Darkness preceded light (on the first day of creation) and light preceded man (the final creation, the climax of creation on the sixth day).

Chaos preceded darkness, darkness preceded light, light preceded man = 2048 = 2 to the 11th, 32 times Adam & Eve (64).

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