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Rectifying Imagination

The happiest moment on earth (though somewhat painful!) is when a mother gives birth. Mother is earth and the baby is the happiest moment.

“A mother of children is happy.” In Kabbalah, buy more about mother is understanding and happiness is the inner experience of understanding, click of motherhood.

Some women in our generation don’t understand what it means to be a mother, how happy it is to be a mother.

“Father” and “mother,” wisdom and understanding, are “two companions that never part.” The world and all therein are their children.

The inner experience of father, wisdom, is selflessness. A drop of selflessness impregnates a wealth of happiness.

The 9 months of pregnancy correspond to the 9 sefirot from wisdom to kingdom. From the 2nd month the happiness of motherhood begins to shine.

The last of the 11 ingredients of the incense is cinnamon – “cinnamon nine [parts],” alluding to the 9 months of pregnancy.

Cinnamon is a segulah (good for) for pregnancy, beginning with the understanding of how happy it is to be a mother.

But too much cinnamon during pregnancy may have adverse effects on the uterus. 9 in Kabbalah means just enough but not too much.

In Hebrew, cinnamon = the “image of God” in which man was created. It arouses in the soul the desire and power to procreate in God’s image.

Sprinkling cinnamon on oatmeal is like sprinkling pollen on the pistil of a flowering plant. Broaden your associative power of imagination.
One of the objectives of studying Kabbalah is to rectify,
broaden, nurse and mature our associative power of imagination. So do we witness unity.

To recognize the symbolism as well as the synchronicity in the things that we see requires a high level of consciousness. Kabbalah helps.

Synchronicity in our life experiences is a manifestation of Divine Providence. God is ever talking to us. Learn to understand His language.

Try to relate what you see and hear to the weekly Torah portion. God looks into the Torah and creates the world anew continuously.

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