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Snails shoot love darts at one another. But you don’t have to be a snail. People do it with their eyes and their tongue.

A sign of love is lightning in your eyes. Lightning is God’s arrow. The tongue is also likened to an arrow. Shoot love darts to God.

Snails only shoot their love darts when close up to one another. Hardly able to see they feel the presence of the other. So for us and God.
The greatest mitzvah in the Torah is redeeming souls from captivity. Today that means those that are caught up in false belief systems.

Redeeming captives is different than it used to be. Once it was simply a matter of paying the ransom. Today, ask it’s by spreading light.

But even today there’s a monetary ransom to pay. We need technology to spread the light, it’s not for free, but a little goes a long way.

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