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Simple Faith

The word lashut in Hebrew means both “to swim” and “to fly.” It is what fish and birds – both created on the same day – have in common.

The eyes of Divine Providence “run to and fro” (lit. “swim/fly”) throughout the earth. Flow of consciousness is also called “to swim/fly.”

Fish swim in water, buy information pills birds “swim” in air. Only the medium is different. If you want to experience what it’s like to fly, pill swim.

In the Book of Formation, symptoms water (wisdom) comes from air (super-conscious crown) and fire (understanding) comes from water.

The eyes of Divine Providence, ever open as the eyes of fish, swim in the spiritual medium of water. Thoughts swim in the medium of fire.

Water is actually two parts water (hydrogen) and one part air (oxygen). Just as there is air in water so is there water in air, Divine eyes.

H2O is the water we drink – air in water. Its complement, HO2, is the protonated form of superoxide.

Superoxide produced photochemically (by Divine eyes) in the atmosphere is almost exclusively present as HO2 – water in air.

HO2 acts as a cleanser of the atmosphere by degrading certain organic pollutants. The chemistry of HO2 is of great geochemical importance.

The atomic number of a HO2 molecule is 17 (1 plus 2 times 8) – “good.” “And God saw the light to be good.”
Saying “I love you” gives expression to simple faith – faith in God and in the presence of His spark in your beautiful, sales good heart.

“I love you” (ani ohev otcha, pharmacy practice saying it in Hebrew) = 502 = simple faith (emunah peshutah).

502 = “the Divine Presence resides between them,” said of a holy marriage. 502 is the combined lifespan of the three Patriarchs.

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