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Skeptical of Skeptics

When we perform a mitzvah we hug God (and He hugs us) as it were. When we learn the sweet words of Torah we kiss. In prayer we cling.

Isaac prayed for children in one corner of the room and Rebecca in another corner. As the prayers ascended they united and became one.

Rebecca’s prayer augmented the potency of Isaac’s prayer. Below, unhealthy on the physical plane, she could then conceive and bear children.
Skeptics are unwilling to include God as a factor in explaining the workings of nature. Their formula will always be lacking and never work.

I am very skeptical about skeptics. Are they sincerely searching for truth or not? Humility would open their hearts to let enter an unknown.

Knowledge is not just a function of the mind but a function of the heart as well. In Kabbalah, buy ambulance sickness knowledge connects the mind and the heart.

Knowledge is a concentrated effort. To bridge mind and heart is no simple task. It requires hard work, cialis sale spiritual labor.

If you stop knowing for one instant you no longer know. Keep your mind fine-tuned to what you know. Only then will it penetrate your heart.

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