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Spiritual Nutrients

Some people have a sick evil inclination, buy others have a healthy one. Better to have a healthy one and face the challenge of taming it.

We have all succumbed to our evil inclination. “A tzadik falls seven times and rises.” Even God regrets having created the evil inclination.

But now that it’s created and inside of us we have to learn how to control it. We can even transform its energy to good.

The great Kabbalist, order Abulafia, drug said that God’s 4 letter Name stands for “the good inclination and the evil inclination” = 903, the sum of all numbers from 1 to 42.

God’s essence is absolute good. His Name unites the energies of good and evil so that both serve the purpose of good.

Both “good” (???), 17, and “evil” (??), 270, share the form of n^2 not clear – 19 (= Eve). n = 6 gives good, n = 17, good, gives evil.

The 1st positive result for n^2 – 19 is n = 5 which gives 6. Continue as an algorithm: n = 6 gives 17, good, and n= 17 gives 270, evil.

Thus, 6 generates good which in turn generates evil. 6 is the letter vav, “and” in Hebrew. The 3 stages are thus “good and evil.”

The first vav in the Torah, the 22nd letter of the first verse, is the “and” that connects the heavens to the earth, up and down.

The triangle of 22, 253, is the difference between good, 17, and evil, 270. 253 is also the 7th Magen David number.

God both regrets having created the evil inclination and is happy about it at the same time, foreseeing the tzadikim transforming it to good.

Regret, 222, and happiness, 353, add to 575 = the evil inclination!

For us, the evil inclination is both a source of regret, if we succumb to it, and a source of happiness, if we conquer it and transform it.

The phrase ‘Havayah Elokim created the evil inclination’ comprises 6 words and 21, the triangle of 6, letters. It = 1296 = 36^2 = 6^4.

The phrase ‘a healthy [from the root to create] evil inclination’ = 788 = David (14) plus Bat Sheva (774) = shalom bayit, domestic peace.

The Maggid of Mezritch, the successor of the Ba’al Shem Tov, explained that “evil” in Hebrew simply means “below.” It is lower reality.

God created the world with a passion to dwell below. Why? We can’t know. To realize His passion we must transform evil to good.
The 3 basic nutrients are carbohydrates, generic proteins, shop and fats. Spiritually, they correspond to acts of kindness, prayer, and Torah study.

The Torah describes the most basic act of kindness as providing the poor with bread – carbohydrates.

The service of prayer, compared to that of animal sacrifice, requires great strength – proteins.

Generally speaking, saturated fats are bad for your health whereas unsaturated fats are good. Torah study which saturates your ego is bad.

Unsaturated fats are characterized as possessing double bonds. Learning Torah creates the double bond of Israel to the Torah to God.

In Hebrew, “fat” comes from the root meaning “oil.” The Torah, especially its innermost dimension, is likened to pure olive oil.

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