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Sukot and Charity

In this world we can reach deeper into the soul by hearing than by seeing. But good sight is also important. We see beauty and hear truth.

In Hebrew, dosage beauty, yofi = 100 = 10 squared. Truth, emet = 441 = 21 squared. Together they equal 541, a prime number, the gematria of Israel.

Jacob is truth – “truth to Jacob.” Rachel is beauty – “beautiful figure and beautiful countenance.” Truth falls in love and marries beauty.

Jacob and Rachel = 420. Truth and beauty = 541 = Israel. 420 & 541 = 961 = 31 (21 & 10, roots of truth and beauty), God’s Name El, squared!
Jews like to count, capsule
from money to days to letters of Torah and their gematria. Counting keeps us sane. But choose what counts most for you.

There are kings and counts. God is the king and we are the counts. God counts us like He counts the stars in heaven. We count most for Him.

Even before meeting Jacob Rachel knew that she was destined to marry him. Her beautiful countenance came from counting the days to marry him.

Leah thought that her destiny was to marry Esau, but her tears changed her destiny. “The gates of tears (to heaven) are never locked.”
“All of Israel can sit in one sukah.” All sukahs are connected. Each sukah is a cell, see the cells unite to become one living, mind joyful organism.

On Rosh Hashanah we return to God in thought, cialis Yom Kippur in word, and Sukot in deed. In preparation for the mitzvot of Sukot we give charity.

Charity, tzedakah, is the all-inclusive mitzvah (commandment, good deed). As the sukah to the lulav, it encompasses all the other mitzvot.

The essence of a mitzvah is the joy we experience when fulfilling the will of our Creator. Maimonides: the greatest joy is in giving charity.

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