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Tall Tails

Did you ever do wrong and feel deeply ashamed of yourself? If so, sick all of your sins were pardoned.

Three signs of a holy soul: compassion, treatment shame, healing and acts of kindness. Shame connects first to last.

Shame = 313, the 13th inspirational number (13 squared plus 12 squared). 13 = love.

What a shame most people don’t appreciate shame. Good shame nullifies ego, bad shame exaggerates it.

The greatest awe is “awe of shame.” In the presence of the Infinite One one is ashamed to exist.

God plays with us “hide and seek.” He enjoys playing the game and hopes that we enjoy it as well.
Sages told tall tales. Your tail, viagra the subconscious origin of your spouse, recipe should be as tall as you.

In Hebrew, “tail” stands for “this have I discovered by wisdom.” Solomon discovered the unconscious.

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