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Yocheved and Miryam

Yocheved and Miryam, page mother and daughter, viagra were the two Hebrew midwives in Egypt. When Yocheved gave birth to Moses, Miryam was her midwife.

At Moses’ birth he, his mother, and sister were present. Their initials spell “water.” He was named Moses for he was drawn from the water.

When Moses was born light filled the room. The number that follows Yocheved (42), Miryam (290), Moses (345) is 207 = light!

There are only 4 positive numbers in the quadratic series: 42 290 345 207 = 884 = 52 times 17, son times good. “She saw [her son] was good.”

As midwives Yocheved and Miryam had special names, Shifra and Puah. The average value of Yocheved Miryam Moses and Shifra Puah Moses is 884!

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