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Monthly Archive for March, 2011

The messianic formula: Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order. Lights of Chaos are great, unbounded lights. They give full, outspoken expression to what one believes to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. For many others they are terribly intimidating. Often, the end result is “the breaking of the vessels” […]

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Mouth to Mouth

Both Purim and Pesach commemorate the redemption of the Jewish People. Both begin with the letter pei (פ), which means “mouth.” Informing Miriam and Aaron of the unique level of their brother Moses’ prophecy, God says: “I speak to him mouth to mouth.” The phrase “mouth to mouth” alludes to the two redemptions of Purim […]

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Eyes of the Congregation

The sages are called “the eyes of the congregation.” They are visionaries, they are guides, and they open our eyes to see truth. In the World of Creation, the realm of pure intellect, the sages are visionaries. They gaze into the future and convey to us, almost like prophets, what’s in store for us â�� […]

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From Afar God Appears to Me

In one verse King David says: “I place God before me always” (“ש×�×�ת×� ×�×�×�’ ×�× ×�×�×� ת×�×�×�”). But in another he says: “My sin is before me always” (“×�×�×�×�ת×� × ×�×�×� ת×�×�×�”). How do they go together? First, let us note that the combined gematria of “God” (×�×�×�’, 26), and “my sin” (×�×�×�ת×�, 428) = “always” (ת×�×�×�, 454), […]

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The Unhappy Tzadik

I would like to be a true tzadik (consummately righteous), but I’m not. Is it because I don’t want enough, or is there some other reason? Not all of us were created with the potential to become a consummate tzadik, only a select few. The more I want and the more I try, the closer […]

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Hidden Things

David beseeches God: “Who can understand errors; cleanse me from hidden things” (“ש×�×�×�×�ת ×�×� ×�×�×�×� ×�נסתר×�ת נקנ×�”). Errors are unintentional sins. But what are “hidden things”? An error is a mistake, a miscalculation of the mind (a relatively “subjective” error), or a misevaluation of a situation (a relatively “objective” error; some commentaries call this second […]

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Rectifiying Edom and Ishmael

The two great exiles of the Jewish People in our days: Edom (×�×�×�×�, 51) and Ishmael (×�ש×�×¢×�×�, 451) equal 502 = “Cursed be Haman” (×�ר×�ר ×�×�×�) = “Blessed be Mordechai” (×�ר×�×� ×�ר×�×�×�). The joyous wine of Purim takes us to a place where we are unable to distinguish between “Cursed be Haman” and “Blessed be […]

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Hint Book

The sages say: A wise man learns from a hint. A fool learns only from a fist (i.e., a punch in his face). Indeed, there are some ‘accomplished’ fools who don’t learn even from repeated “fists.” Many of them are politicians. In Aramaic (Hebrew’s sister-tongue and the language in which the saying was expressed), “hint” […]

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Snake Spine

In the Torah there are many applications to the “law of similars.” One of them is that in order to kill a snake you must be like a snake. In gematria, Mashiach (×�ש×�×�, 358) equals snake (× ×�ש). As extreme opposites they are in fact similar, numerically identical. In Kabbalah, a number is defined as the […]

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The Language of Creation

The Torah has body and soul, law and mystery. Both derive from a common source: the Hebrew language. The first text of Kabbalah is the first text of Hebrew grammar, the Book of Formation. All the myriad laws of the Oral Torah are the product of intense and detailed analysis of the syntax of the […]

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