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Monthly Archive for April, 2011

Ruling in the Exception

Progress in science (and society) is made by taking note of details that a previous theory is unable to account for. The history of modern science testifies to the truth of the above statement. But it also applies to social/political development and progress. Every system or theory, whether scientific or political, has rules. The Torah, […]

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In the ten-rung ladder of spiritual growth outlined by Rabbi Pinchas ben Yair, three consecutive rungs are: “Cleanliness brings one to purity, purity brings one to chastity (i.e., abstinence from overindulging in physical pleasures).” These three attributes correspond to the three “garments” of the soul: thought, speech, and action (but not in that order), as well […]

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Out There

“Egypt” (×�צר×�×�) means “straights,” alluding to psychological blocks and states of confinement. Chametz (leavened bread) symbolizes egocentricity. Egocentricity (chametz) is the source of all psychological confinement (Egypt). No slave could escape the confining borders of Egypt. The Exodus is the miracle of breaking through the borders of Egypt by nullifying one’s sense of egocentricity. There’s really […]

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The Last Exile

The four questions that we ask at the Seder table begin: “What is the difference between this night (of Pesach) and all (other) nights?” The children at the Seder table ask their father to explain to them the meaning of all the unique customs that we perform on the first night of Pesach. We are all children of our […]

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Freedom of Speech

In Hebrew, the word for Passover, Pesach (פס×�), reads Peh Sach (פ×� ס×�), “a talking mouth.” Pesach celebrates freedom, first and foremost â�� freedom of speech.

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No Body – No Anger

The phrase “He is not a body and not a power in a body” (×�×�× ×� ×�×�×£ ×�×�×� ×�×� ×�×�×�×£) contains 16 letters. Written as a square, the corners spell ×�×�פ×�, “in His wrath” = ×�×�×£, “body”. The diagonal from lower-right to upper-left also reads “in His wrath.” The lesson: No body â�� no anger. Anthropomorphism […]

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Not a Body

One of our basic tenets of faith in God, in the words of Maimonides: “He is not a body and not a power in a body.” God is both omnipresent and omnipotent. Maimonides explains that if He were corporal (“a body”) He could not be omnipresent (in heavens above and earth below simultaneously and uniformly), […]

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Transcendence and Revolution

A revolution is a turnover â�� those at the bottom revolve to the top and those at the top revolve to the bottom. In Hebrew, the literal meaning of the word “revolution” (×�×�פ×�×�) is “turnover.” The word has 5 letters and its gematria is 150, meaning that the average value of its 5 letters is 30. […]

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Reflection without Mirror

The pit was empty, no water, but full of snakes and scorpions. The pit is the mind, water â�� Torah, snakes and scorpions â�� bad thoughts. Joseph’s brothers threw him into an empty pit, an environment without Torah and full of spiritual dangers, negative influences from all sides. A crisis in life is a trial. […]

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