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Monthly Archive for July, 2011

An important Talmudic rule says, “‘We didn’t see it’ is no proof [that it doesn’t exist or that it didn’t happen]”. In Hebrew, “sight” (רְ×�Ö´×�Ö¸×�) and “proof” (רְ×�Ö¸×�Ö¸×�) â�� both from the root “to see” (ר×�×�) â�� are spelled the same but vocalized differently. When two qualified (kosher) witnesses see an event and testify to […]

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Both the mind and the heart possess an “inner eye.” On Shabbat the inner eye of the mind opens to see Godliness in contemplative meditation. In the Temple the inner eye of the heart opens to see Godliness in heartfelt prayer. The verse says, “And they shall make for Me a sanctuary and I shall […]

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Awe of the Temple

“Keep My days of Shabbat and stand in awe of My Temple.” What do Shabbat and the Temple have in common? Both relate to the sense of sight. The verse “Keep My days of Shabbat and stand in awe of My Temple, I am God” (‘×�ת ש×�תת×� תש×�ר×� ×�×�ק×�ש×� ת×�ר×�×� ×�× ×� ×�×�×�) appears identically twice […]

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Observing Shabbat

Shabbat in relation to the weekdays is as sight to hearing. Throughout the week Divine vibrations fill my heart. On Shabbat I see Godliness. In the Zohar we learn that the word Shabbat (ש×�ת) depicts the secret of the eye. The three branches of its first letter, shin (ש), allude to the three Patriarchs and to […]

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“Good in bad” (×�×�×� ×�רע) = “bad in good” (רע ×�×�×�×�) equals  289 = “good” (×�×�×� ,17) squared. The phrases “good in bad” (×�×�×� ×�רע) and “bad in good” (רע ×�×�×�×�) appear only once in the Bible, juxtaposed in the same verse â�� “good in bad or bad in good” (Leviticus 27:10). In the context of […]

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The Torah lists by name the non-kosher birds. One of them is the ra’ah, literally “the seer.” The sages explain: It stands in Babylonia and sees a corpse in the Land of Israel. Babylonia (×�×�×�) means “confusion” (×�×�×�×�×�). There God confused the tongues of the builders of the Tower of Babel. The Ba’al Shem Tov explains that […]

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Seeing Inside

In Hebrew, the idiom “to see someone’s face” can mean either to appease him or to fight him. After winning the wrestling bout with Esau’s archangel, Jacob says, “for I have seen the angel of God face to face and my soul has been saved.” Several of the traditional commentaries explain that seeing face to […]

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Perfect Vision

Each month of the year is associated with a sense. The sense of the month of Tamuz is sight. The month of Tamuz is the time of the year to rectify our sense of sight. The rectification of sight (on the spiritual plane, which manifests on the physical plane as good eyesight) entails two complementary […]

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