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Monthly Archive for July, 2012

Devarim: Perceptive counseling (b)

Seven traits of perception for a good counselor In this weekâ��s Torah portion, we learn how Moses sought wise, perceptive and well-known men to be judges over the Jewish people. From the prayer that we say three times a day, â��Return our judges as they were initially and our counselors as they were at first,â��[1] […]

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Devarim: Perceptive counseling (a)

Wise judges At the beginning of the Torah portion of Devarim, Moses begins his final speech and directive to the Jewish people before they enter the landof Israelunder Joshuaâ��s leadership. Moses reminds the congregation how difficult it had been for him to bear the responsibility of the people alone and how, after their compliance, he […]

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Constructing kingdom from nothing

Constructing the kingdom of Israel Following the incident in which Pinchas avenged Godâ��s Name by swiftly killing Zimri and the Midianite princess who seduced him, God told Moses to take revenge on the Midianite nation for sending their daughters to seduce the Jewish men. Pinchas was chosen to lead the Jewish army to war and he returned […]

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Patience, alacrity, Torah and mitzvah In a previous article, we discussed the swiftness with which Pinchas acted and in contrast we saw that Joshua did not complete the task of conquering the landof Israelbecause of his excessive patience. From the fact that Pinchas was appointed to lead the war against Midian, the sages learn that, […]

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The new leader of the generation

Following a plague that wiped out many of the Jewish people, which came as punishment for their licentious behavior, God told Moses to take a census of the entire Jewish people. He then commanded him to divide thelandofIsraelinto tribal territories, prior to entering theHoly Land. Knowing that he would not be privileged to enter thelandofIsraelhimself, […]

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Sacrifice and self-sacrifice

This weekâ��s Torah portion is named after Pinchas whose zealous act retracted Godâ��s anger and atoned for the Jewish peopleâ��s sins of promiscuity. The final passages of parashat Pinchas relate to the different types of animal sacrifices that we are commanded to bring to the Temple. It is well known that the name given to […]

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In this weekâ��s Torah portion we read how Balak, King of Moab, hired Balaam, an expert sorcerer, to curse the Jewish people, in an attempt to divestMoabof the threat that he felt they imposed upon them. On three attempts Balaam had Balak sacrifice seven oxen and seven rams, a total of 42 sacrifices, but every […]

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