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Monthly Archive for September, 2012

This weekâ��s parashah, Vayelech, contains the Torahâ��s 613th and final mitzvah (commandment), to write a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll), just as Moshe Rabbeinu did. Parashat Vayelech also contains the Torahâ��s 612th mitzvah, to gather the entire Jewish people, men, women, and children once every seven years, to hear the king read from the Torah, in […]

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On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, we traditionally eat foods whose names carry a positive symbolic connotation. Just as we taste foods as positive symbols at the festive table on Rosh Hashanah, so we can find good signs in the yearâ��s number too. As Rosh Hashanah 5773 (×�’ תשע”×�) approaches, letâ��s take a look […]

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All Jews are kings

Parashat Nitzavim begins with two verses enumerating the ten levels of Jewish souls that comprise the entire Jewish people. From the most important tribal leaders to the simplest water carriers, these ten levels correspond to the ten sefirot. Five levels are mentioned in the first verse and five in the second.[1] Sefer Yetzirah,[2] the earliest […]

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Tuning into Today

In this weekâ��s parashah, Parashat Nitzavim, Moses gathers the entire Jewish people before God and formulates a covenant between them, beginning with the words, â��You are all standing here todayâ�¦.â�� The Zohar reveals that the word â��todayâ�� (×�×�×�×�) alludes to Rosh Hashanah, especially in the final Torah portions of Deuteronomy. So, even though this covenant […]

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A holy nation

Walking in Godâ��s ways In Parashat Ki Tavo, we read the blessings that the Jewish people merit when we follow Godâ��s commandments and the curses that, God forbid, we incur if we do not. One of the high points of the blessings is in the verses, â��God will elevate you to be a holy people […]

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