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Monthly Archive for July, 2013

Tishah Bâ��av has passed, and we have now entered the seven weeks of consolation, seven weeks in which God is viewed as comforting us for our losses, both on the personal and the collective levels. People have different reactions and different ways to relate with calamity. Following the Torahâ��s inner dimension, we can identify four […]

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Why are Chassidim always so happy?

In the past, the Jewish people had the privilege of hosting Godâ��s Presence in the Temple in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, we lost that privilege and twice the Temple was destroyed, both times on Tisha Bâ��avâ��the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Avâ��a day considered the low point of the Hebrew calendar. The Shabbat that follows […]

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The blessing hidden in the rebuke

In the final book of the Pentateuch, Sefer Devarim (the book of Deuteronomy), Moses recounted the events that happened to the Jewish people following their Exodus from Egypt. Rashi explains that the places Moses mentioned allude to all the times when the Jewish people angered God, meaning that Mosesâ�� recollection of their voyage through the […]

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This land is mine

On the way to the Holy land Last minute preparations are being made towards the Jewish peopleâ��s entry into the Promised Land. The excitement is building up as each tribe is about to be allocated their portion. The central directive that appeared in Parashat Pinchas is repeated in Parashat Masei, â��You shall give the Land […]

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