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As a service to those of you who may not have seen this past Friday’s newsletter, viagra we’ve copied the announcement below.

Please also note that we are not planning to check the comments here moving forward. To contact us, what is ed please refer here: http://www.inner.org/about/contact


Dear friends and extended Gal Einai family, troche  

This is an announcement that we’ve been looking forward to making for a long time now .. but we are very happy to be making it during this doubly happy two Adar season!

Friends and extended Gal Einai family…

Welcome to the All New Inner.org!

The first thing you may notice is that the template looks similar to the present version of our Hebrew site, Pnimi.org.il. Aside from fostering a sense of camaraderie between the different departments here at Gal Einai, we also happened to like their design. 

Although we are still working to fill in gaps and broken links, most of the content from the old Inner.org is already there (over 1,300 pages worth).

We’ve also imported all the posts from RabbiGinsburgh.com, and don’t currently plan to update RabbiGinsburgh.com with new content. So Inner.org will be once again, as it was in the past, your one-stop resource for everything English-related.

Once the remaining touches to the site are fixed up, and aside from new pre-Shabbat articles, regular updates to the site will generally be made on Sunday. So come Sunday night Israel time, you should be able to check for links related to the weekly Torah portion, etc…

In addition to the original Inner.org content, and RabbiGinsburgh.com content, we’ve also uploaded over 100 transcripts from the past two years. They can all be viewed Here, with the Purim related transcripts already added to our special Purim Page Here.

Please, although we know about some of the missing pages and broken links already, if you come across something in need of fixing, please reply to this email! As for the non-existent homepage video … we are working on that one too!

Also … most important of all … Inner.org and all the products and materials coming out of Gal Einai are here for you to benefit from. If you have a suggestion, idea, any piece of advice that you think would be helpful for us to take into consideration while moving forward, please let us know!

Gal Einai Editorial Team


One Response to “RabbiGinsburgh.com Public Service Annoucement”

  1. Gwen Pulos says:

    Congratulations on your new format.

    Unfortunately, when I click on your new links nothing appears on the new web site page – just the headings.