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As a service to those of you who may not have seen this past Friday’s newsletter, we’ve copied the announcement below. Please also note that we are not planning to check the comments here moving forward. To contact us, please refer here: http://www.inner.org/about/contact ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear friends and extended Gal Einai family,  This is an announcement that […]

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This week, together with the weekly Torah portion of Pekudei, we read the additional portion of Parashat Shekalim, which is the commandment to give one half of a shekel as a donation to the Tabernacle. So, letâ��s go ahead and talk about moneyâ�¦ The wise King Solomon said, â��And money answers everything,â��[1] and there is […]

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One of the most famous figures in the Chassidic world is Rabbi Elimelech of Lizensk, who is also sometimes referred to by the name of the book he authored, Noam Elimelech. Rabbi Elimelechâ��together with his older brother, Rabbi Zusheâ��were disciples of the Ba’al Shem Tovâ��s successor, Rabbi Dov Ber of Mezeritch. Later, Rabbi Elimelech became […]

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Patience! Patience!

The sin of the Golden Calf is a sin of a lack of patience.[1] The Jewish People were waiting for Moses to descend from Mt. Sinai and they thought that his descent had been delayed, â��And the people saw that Moses was late in descending from the mountain and the people crowded around Aaron and […]

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How much attention should men pay to their clothing? The standard reply is probably: a little, but not too much. Maimonides writes, â��The clothing of a Torah scholar should be clean and good-looking and it is forbidden that a stain or an oil mark be found on his garment, etc. Neither should he wear royal […]

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Who Will Build the Third Temple?

Translation not reviewed nor edited by Harav Yitzchak Ginsburgh The answer to the question in the title of this article is that it depends who you ask. There are those who say that it is obviously us who will build the Temple, since â��And they shall make Me a Templeâ��[1] is one of the 613 […]

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Halachah and Kabbalah

The Individual and the Collective There is a misconception that the Torah deals only with the four-cubits of the individual and his direct relationship with those around him, but that it has no say in the public arena (i.e., social, governmental, or political systems). From here, the mistaken belief that one should â��be a […]

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The 22nd of Shevat marks the passing of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson, devoted wife of the Lubavitcher Rebbe. What follows in an excerpt from a class given on the 22nd of Shevat 5757 to women in Rechovot. The Purpose of Creation The account of creation commences with the words, â��In the beginning God created,â�� and […]

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Honoring Our Father and Mother

Why do we need to honor our parents? You might ask, what is the question? Who knows whatâ��s good for a child better than their parents? But itâ��s no so straightforward. The commandment to â��Honor your father and your motherâ�� is not directed at a young child, but to an adult who is obligated to […]

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According to Kabbalah, every month in the Hebrew calendar was created by means of one of the letters of the alef-bet. Here, we delve into the mysteries of the letter tzadik, which is the source of the month of Shevat. Can anyone become a tzadik (righteous individual)? On the one hand, â��tzadikâ�� is a title […]

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