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The University Hospital of North Midlands (NHS) Trust is offering an Apprenticeship Programme in the Pharmacy Directorate

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Tag Archive 'Adam'

From Back-to-Back to Face-to-Face

Nurturing a Face-to-Face Relationship Kabbalah teaches us that before God â��sawedâ�� Adam and Eve apart,[1] Adamâ��s male side was back-to-back with his female side. Psychologically speaking, this is also the level of consciousness that most marriages begin with; each spouse being unaware of the otherâ��s needs, emotions, and expectations. Clearly, if we are looking to […]

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Observing Shabbat

Shabbat in relation to the weekdays is as sight to hearing. Throughout the week Divine vibrations fill my heart. On Shabbat I see Godliness. In the Zohar we learn that the word Shabbat (ש×�ת) depicts the secret of the eye. The three branches of its first letter, shin (ש), allude to the three Patriarchs and to […]

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The First Ten Questions

Questions come from doubt. Doubt comes from sin. Sin comes from illusion. The Torah was given to save us from false illusions. Illusion is in the mind. The primordial sin, a physical act, was perpetrated from hand to mouth (taking and eating the forbidden fruit). Doubt is in the heart. From the heart doubt enters […]

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Fleeing from God

An angel asked Hagar, Sarai’s maid, “where are you coming from and where are you going?” She answered, “I’m fleeing from Sarai my mistress” (“×�Öµ×� ×�Ö´×�Ö¶Ö¼×� ×�Ö¸×�ת ×�Ö°×�ָנָ×� תֵ×�Öµ×�Ö´×� ×�ַתֹּ×�×�ֶר ×�ִפְּנֵ×� שָ×�רַ×� ×�Ö°Ö¼×�ִרְתִּ×� ×�ָנֹ×�Ö´×� ×�ֹּרַ×�ַת”). This is the first appearance in the Torah of the question “where [are you going]?” (Note that the form of the […]

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The Evolution of Where

There are three forms of the question “where?” in Biblical Hebrew. They first appear in the Torah in evolving order, both grammatically and numerically. The first form, ey (×�×�), comprises only two letters (perhaps the simplest syllable in the Hebrew language) and first appears in the question we contemplated above, “Where is Abel your brother” (×�×� […]

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After his sin God asked Adam, “Where are you?” Do you know to what depth you have fallen? Adam ate the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He pursued knowledge (God wants us to be knowledgeable, doesn’t He?). And he got it â�� the knowledge of the depth to which […]

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King David asked the question “Who am I?” The Bible describes him as “reddish with beautiful eyes and goodly appearance.” Each of us has a soul-root. Ultimately, we all descend from Adam, and as such we each are rooted in one of his (spiritual) limbs. The soul of Adam is the origin of the middle […]

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There are many worlds. In the highest spiritual World of Emanation there is no consciousness other than that of God. * The Bible speaks of two “rods,” a “pleasant rod” and a “harmful rod.” The rod – a symbol of discipline – can be either pleasant or harmful. * In our “forgiveness” prayers we say […]

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Of Unicorns and Men

A horn is also a musical instrument, beginning with the shofar, the crown of all musical instruments in the Torah. Unicorns have one horn protruding from their forehead. They’re always turning corners, always becoming nothing, so you’ll never see one. In the Bible, the re’eim is usually translated as unicorn and is said to have […]

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Of Adam and Eve

Woman was created from the “side” (often translated as “rib”) of man. “Side” = 190 = 10 times Eve. Woman, 306, side, 190 = 496, kingdom. 190 is not only 10 times 19, but since 10 is the mid-point of 19 it is the triangle of 19 (all numbers from 1 to 19). The triangle […]

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