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Morphine IV, delivered via patient-controlled analgesia machines, is set to get 1-2 mg on demand every 6 minutes, with a 4-hour lockout of 30 mg

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But this therapy always needs to be carefully discussed with your doctor.

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The federal Food and Drug Administration FDA reports that they are reviewing 32 cases of liver injury in patients who are taking weight-loss drugs Alli and Xenical

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Alcohol and drug abuse at college has become a significant public health problem, resulting in injuries, assaults, sexual abuse and deaths

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Another drug, Natpara, treats a hormone condition called hypoparathyroidism and could be a major money maker if approved by the FDA.

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The commission says its enforcement efforts gained strength last year when the Supreme Court ruled antitrust law may bar the deals

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Training also helps public safety officers about the way that heroin and opioid addiction is treated and how society views addicts

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Opiate medications work by blocking the transmission and reception of pain signals

Tag Archive 'good & evil'

“Good in bad” (×�×�×� ×�רע) = “bad in good” (רע ×�×�×�×�) equals  289 = “good” (×�×�×� ,17) squared. The phrases “good in bad” (×�×�×� ×�רע) and “bad in good” (רע ×�×�×�×�) appear only once in the Bible, juxtaposed in the same verse â�� “good in bad or bad in good” (Leviticus 27:10). In the context of […]

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Perfect Vision

Each month of the year is associated with a sense. The sense of the month of Tamuz is sight. The month of Tamuz is the time of the year to rectify our sense of sight. The rectification of sight (on the spiritual plane, which manifests on the physical plane as good eyesight) entails two complementary […]

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The First Ten Questions

Questions come from doubt. Doubt comes from sin. Sin comes from illusion. The Torah was given to save us from false illusions. Illusion is in the mind. The primordial sin, a physical act, was perpetrated from hand to mouth (taking and eating the forbidden fruit). Doubt is in the heart. From the heart doubt enters […]

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Life After Death

There are three levels of life: Living a healthy life in this world; life after spiritual death (sin); life after physical death. To live a healthy life in this world means to consciously pursue a good life on both the physical and spiritual planes. A rasha (evil person) is considered dead in this world. The spiritual […]

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There are three ways to deal with enemies: surrender, fight, or make peace by neutralizing the root of their animosity.

The Ba’al Shem Tov told it as a story. Once a king called one of his officers and sent him on a secret mission, saying: I desire to test the loyalty of my subjects. Dress yourself as a king and go from state to state throughout my dominion; try your hardest to persuade and win over the people to rebel against me and accept you as king.

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From Afar God Appears to Me

In one verse King David says: “I place God before me always” (“ש×�×�ת×� ×�×�×�’ ×�× ×�×�×� ת×�×�×�”). But in another he says: “My sin is before me always” (“×�×�×�×�ת×� × ×�×�×� ת×�×�×�”). How do they go together? First, let us note that the combined gematria of “God” (×�×�×�’, 26), and “my sin” (×�×�×�ת×�, 428) = “always” (ת×�×�×�, 454), […]

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The Unhappy Tzadik

I would like to be a true tzadik (consummately righteous), but I’m not. Is it because I don’t want enough, or is there some other reason? Not all of us were created with the potential to become a consummate tzadik, only a select few. The more I want and the more I try, the closer […]

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Rectifiying Edom and Ishmael

The two great exiles of the Jewish People in our days: Edom (×�×�×�×�, 51) and Ishmael (×�ש×�×¢×�×�, 451) equal 502 = “Cursed be Haman” (×�ר×�ר ×�×�×�) = “Blessed be Mordechai” (×�ר×�×� ×�ר×�×�×�). The joyous wine of Purim takes us to a place where we are unable to distinguish between “Cursed be Haman” and “Blessed be […]

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Snake Spine

In the Torah there are many applications to the “law of similars.” One of them is that in order to kill a snake you must be like a snake. In gematria, Mashiach (×�ש×�×�, 358) equals snake (× ×�ש). As extreme opposites they are in fact similar, numerically identical. In Kabbalah, a number is defined as the […]

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Preventive Love

Loving a rasha does not mean to condone his evil deeds. If you love his soul you’ll dodiv id= everything possible to prevent him from doing wrong. There are two types of sin, sin between man and God and sin between man and man. Sin between man and God is harmful â�� to one’s individual soul, […]

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