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Who Will Build the Third Temple?

        The Individual and the Collective There is a misconception that the Torah deals only with the four-cubits of the individual and his direct relationship with those around him, viagra sale but that it has no say in the public arena (i.e., help social, governmental, or political systems). From here, the mistaken […]

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Both the mind and the heart possess an “inner eye.” On Shabbat the inner eye of the mind opens to see Godliness in contemplative meditation. In the Temple the inner eye of the heart opens to see Godliness in heartfelt prayer. The verse says, capsule “And they shall make for Me a sanctuary and I […]

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Where Are You Headed?

In English one may ask “where are you headed?” instead of “where are you going?” The parallel Hebrew idiom is, medical “where is your face set?” (??? ???? ??????) “Where are you headed?” suggests consciousness (vector-like consciousness; the “head” in the idiom is like the head of an arrow), that you have in mind the objective […]

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