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Tag Archive 'joy'

â�¦There is a custom among some Chassidim, to begin the study of the Talmudic tractate of Shabbat, starting with page 77b. As yeshivot around the world are studying it this year, we thought it especially appropriate to mention a story that appears there on that page. One day, Rabbi Zeira saw that his teacher, Rabbi […]

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Just a few days after Yom Kippur, we reach the joyful festival of Sukot.[1] While all three pilgrimage festivals mentioned in the Torah are joyful occasions, the verb â��joyâ�� (ש×�×�×�) is repeated only with regard to Sukot.[2] The fact that Sukot merits a triple command to rejoice[3] indicates that the joy of Sukot is higher […]

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Why are Chassidim always so happy?

In the past, the Jewish people had the privilege of hosting Godâ��s Presence in the Temple in Jerusalem. Unfortunately, we lost that privilege and twice the Temple was destroyed, both times on Tisha Bâ��avâ��the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Avâ��a day considered the low point of the Hebrew calendar. The Shabbat that follows […]

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The Seer of Lublin passed away, at the age of 70, on the 9th of Av 5575 (1815), a day of national mourning, but also, according to the sages, the birthday of the Mashiach. Long before his passing he hinted to his followers that he would pass away on the 9th of Av. The Seer […]

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Might and Joy

“Might and joy are in His place.” To be together with God, in His place, one must experience might and joy simultaneously. Might, 77, and joy, 23 = 100, beauty. Might times joy = 1771, the tetrahedron of 21, the sum of the first 21 triangular numbers. In ordinal numbering, might = joy (23). Might […]

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For true peace on earth there must be one religion for all mankind. That religion is Judaism: 613 commandments for Jews and 7 for non-Jews. “True peace” = “a word of Torah” = “light” in primordial numbering (see our site). The initials of “a word of Torah” spell “religion.” A universal religion: one God, one […]

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Consummate joy extends to the feet which jump up in dance. Hold on to and be held by the Torah. The head can’t go anywhere without feet. The skull, 466, splits to become two feet (foot = 233). Dancing feet will take the head to a “place of understanding.” If you don’t understand – dance! […]

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Sukot is “the time of our joy” – our joy in God and God’s joy in us. God loves all of His creation but He calls Himself “the God of Israel.” Joy is the experience of mother – “the mother of children is happy.” A mother nurtures her children, so joy nurtures love, fear, and […]

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Yom Kippur is taking a day off from this world and its indulgences in order to visit another world, a world of peace and beauty and truth. On Yom Kippur we dress in white. If you spin a color wheel you see white. Yom Kippur is the day to spin our color wheel, all our […]

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